DIY Minion Piñata

Real Minion

I love this Piñata! There are several steps but I think it is well worth it in the end!

Materials 1

The materials you will need are:

1. Two balloons

2. Construction Paper ( Long enough to cover the balloons)

3. String

4. Tape

5. Paper Mache and Paper Strips

6. Hot glue gun

7. Yellow streamers or construction paper


Step 1: Place the balloons as pictured above. If the move a lot you can add a strip of tape to keep them in place.


Step 2: Wrap the paper around the Piñata. Can you see the shape of the minion forming already??


Step 3: I taped a piece of string from one side to the opposite side. One thing I would have changed is adding a wire and making it more durable. The string held up the Piñata but when we hung it up to be hit by the kids it did not last long.


Step 4: Paper mache your Piñata! You can google a recipe online, there are super easy ones!


Step 5: You can use streamers or construction paper cut in the shapes of long rectangles. Then cut the paper half way leaving some room because that is where you will attach it to the Piñata with a hot glue gun.


Step 6: I printed out the eyes and mouth and glued them on. It looked more professional and realistic than my drawing version of the eyes and mouth. Then comes the fun part! You can decorate your minion however you would like! We had a pirate themed birthday party so I made the minion a pirate. Let your imagination run free!


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